About This Blog

I decided to start this personal poetry blog for more reasons than I care to share, though a few are that, while I have been writing prolifically since getting my MFA from VCFA a lifetime ago, and have published in a handful of places that came with a little fanfare, conventional modes of publishing and sharing poetry had begun to seem less attractive and accessible to me for lots of reasons, some of them of my own making, and I had a ton of material less than nobody was reading. So, I decided to dust off lots of manuscripts and try publishing for an online audience interested in more explicitly styled and imaginative autobiographical poetry, while continuing my psychotherapeutic journey through apperceptive writing, memory narrative and sometimes prose poetry, three modes of contemporary free verse I’m reading less and less of these days. Which I guess brings us to another reason for why I’m choosing to write this blog. By featuring my weird, intensely personal me-focused poems on it I feel like by some primal directive I’m saving not just my own poems, but the kinds of poems and poets I’ve come to read, write and love from at best extinction, and at worst from being forgotten. But I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that this blog is just as much about saving me.