I’m as good as I need to be I suppose. And you’re right, that’s not really an answer. I said you were right.

It’s just that the truth doesn’t come to me directly and with a fine point, doesn’t arrive like an arrow to the chest.

See what I did there? I avoided referring to Cupid there by stopping short with my explanation and creating more of a Robin Hood kind of thing.

Seriously though, I don’t enjoy playing games when it comes to matters of the heart, but I think maybe this is the reason I keep trapping myself with them.

I mean, maybe there’s a part of me that needs to feel like an outlaw for some reason,

which I agree is a little hard to like, and why we should probably go our separate ways, at least for now,

you back to the hustle and bustle of wherever it is you go, me, back to the jungle of hooligan antics, where wild animals who have yet to learn how to be civilized and who once looked up at their human masters and begged not to be eaten, now steal praise and avoid having their feelings taken.