The Grey Beard

I sometimes dream about meeting up with an old friend with a grey beard now. Also, yesterday at work the students discussed the snow-capped Himalayas and how difficult it would be to survive up there unless you went to live with the Yeti and learned to adapt to such a hostile environment, so, accordingly, I […]

The Carryall

Some dogs who’ve been beaten by their owners, like the way I was beaten, will often stare wide-eyed at you, while they shake like an underdressed child who’s been standing outside in the cold for longer than he wants to, and is why, now, when the part of me that thinks he should be nice […]


Munching on a slice of Hawaiian pizza and standing in front of the bathroom mirror in my head, I tell myself I live in a time when it’s more socially acceptable to be an illiterate and popular psychopath with a Rambo complex, then it is to be an emotionally mature loser who’s skilled at exteriorizing […]

When I Think About Whether or Not I Should Write Poetry

When I think about whether I should continue to write poetry, when I could be helping people build huts in poor countries, or writing to my congress person about the need for a universal basic income, free food for all families, and respectable, poverty income level housing, and the bullish part of me that wants […]

Evil Party

Even if my ex walked back into my life to tell me my best friend had cancer and how sorry she was for me, but that I deserved it somehow, I’m not sure I could regress to believing humans are evil fundamentally. I mean, even if one were to threaten to hang me by a […]


Screw enlightenment! Some days it takes all my energy just to remain together, just to stay whole, while my attention is suspended, is slowly poached apart, hour after hour, by the hot, watery words of my blaming self.

The New Asteroid

The disappearance of writing from school classrooms feels to me like such a cataclysmic tragedy for the human race, it’s hard not to imagine a parallel between this sadness, and thousands in villages being crushed under buildings in a natural disaster. I thought about this yesterday when during a social studies class at work the […]

The Hell Drink

I had one coffee pod left, and with my bank account already overdrawn a couple of hundred dollars for inflated groceries, I wasn’t going to buy more until my next paycheck came in a couple of weeks. I immediately began telling myself the grogginess and headaches would only last a few days. It wasn’t like […]

The Forest Inside the Forest

Being in this forest where I’m lost in a way of life that feels barely survivable, with the help of a few people, I’ve managed to stay fed on an ideal image of home in my head that reflects wherever it is I most want to be. This I think is because I was trapped […]

Mud Work

When I was a kid, I hoped the mud I found by the swamp, and in some construction site holes after days of rain would either reveal to me another world inside this one, or an ancient creature lost to time. The quicksand I wanted my waking life to be like I expected would function […]